Yoga Teacher Training – Week One

Last weekend was the first week of Yoga Teacher Training.  I’ve been trying to apply the things I’ve learned to my life this week. First was meditation. I’ve tried meditating a few times before, but I never knew what I was doing. After we were given an introduction to the process and benefits of it, I feel a little more confident when practicing.


I started out at just 5 minutes a day. Some days went OK, others not so well. I once tried it in the handicap restroom at work and quickly learned that it was NOT going to happen there. I was too stressed that someone was going to thing I went in there to take a nap or something.

I struggle with letting my mind wonder too long without bringing it back. Maybe if I had a Japa that would help me focus. I’m definitely calling meditation a work in progress.

I practiced asanas Sat, Sun, Wed, and Thurs. I’ll call this my starting point.
– Comfortable with many basic poses but sometimes need to be reminded to open my chest during twists.
– Still have a hard time balancing on my right ankle, especially at EOD when it’s swollen and tired.
– Arm balances and wheel continue to be my strength. I figured out this week that I could do side crow and wheel with a leg raise.
– Working on not comparing myself to myself and to others.


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