Beach Stories

This weekend my sister and I flew down to Florida to visit my grandma. We were lucky to find cheap flights, and that Grandma has extra rooms for us to stay. After seeing her new house and sharing a pot of coffee, we headed down to the beach. I was anxious to get the sun on my skin as I have not been exposed to much in Ohio.

We’ve been to this beach quite often, and I’ve always noticed the parasailing stand, but never have actually considered doing it. I was too scared, or thought it was too expensive, I guess. But I thought about how it would be a great way to make this trip memorable, and I hinted at it to my sister and Grandma. They both said they would do it if I would!

DSC00011 DSC00023


I am DEFINITELY scared of heights, a phobia I am trying to conquer. Parasailing actually helped because the ride was so smooth, we just floated like a balloon. We were about 500 ft up but it was hard to be scared when the beautiful, smooth sea was spread below your feet. A few times I felt a little bit panicked, but I took a few deep breaths and it was no big deal at all. I was up for 30 minutes total because they could only fit two of us at once.



Now I have this great story to share with my sister and Grandma. My aunt told Grandma that she better not tell her friends about it because they are going to start thinking she’s lost her mind!

Other hi lights of the day: floating in the sea in shavasana, eyes closed, hearing the sand shift of the ocean floor.


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