Feeling the Rain

Last weekend I didn’t have many obligations, so I rolled my windows down, turned on some Bruce and drove back to my parents house. It had been 4 months since I was there last, which is probably one of the longest absences yet. Long days at work had me craving some fresh air, sun, and homecooked dinners not eaten at a desk.

I definitely got what I craved. I even went as far as to shovel pens with Dan. Oh how I used to hate that chore! It was the worst, but lately I relish any opportunity to move and be outside.

The weather was so great, I slept with my windows open and Dad and I went on a 20 miles ride on Sunday. This was my first time on the bike this season and it totally wiped me out but it was glorious. Just as we got into town, a rain cloud that had been chasing us opened up. It was the perfect spring rain, warm and quiet and I just felt the drops on my face and rode home with a huge smile.

It was a great weekend but it made me realize how much I’d been missing, and it makes the fact that I am stuck inside on an 80 degree afternoon even more frustrating. Sometimes I watch the groundkeepers out the window and wonder if HR would switch me over.


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